Book Summary

Published August 16, 2016

My Monthly Money Matters & More | D. DeFiore

Book Summary:

What makes “My Monthly Money Matters & More” so unique is that you can organize and manage an entire year of income, expenses, checkbook register (which contains room for 600 entries, 50 per month), personal information, passwords, memberships major purchases, insurance data, investments, credit card data, auto maintenance, birthdays, anniversaries, phone numbers, and more, in one 5″x7″ journal. It is simple to use, compact enough to carry in a purse or briefcase and contains pertinent information in case of an emergency.

It is an excellent tool when preparing your taxes. For example, Home and Flood Insurance as well as Property Tax Payments are readily available in your check register and listed on your Monthly Expense pages. Home Repairs and Medical Expenses listed throughout the year may become tax deductions.

It is designed in a manner that allows you to transfer pertinent information from one year to the next, without pulling out multiple files to obtain policy numbers, phone numbers, membership due dates and passwords, birthdays, auto maintenance reminders, etc..,

Makes a perfect gift for graduations, weddings, birthdays, or any occasion when you would like to provide someone with a useful tool for helping to manage their financial affairs.